Arcoma is one of the most reputed groups of companies in Saudi Arabia which was founded by Omar A. Bajammal, the Chairman in the early fifties as a family business entrepreneurship to serve the local wholesale and retail trade. With the evolution of Saudi Economy in the mid seventies the firm was restructured to capitalize on the business boom and the need for wider range of consumer and engineering products. In 1980 it established the first manufacturing facility in Jeddah for polystyrene downstream processing to meet the demand from construction industry for insulation, Agri industry, mechanical industry and consumer business for packaging. This was the only factory of its kind in the country. Two years later, it established the second factory for heavy duty shelving and racking to cater for the big demand from auto dealers and the start of large retail super markets. Such kind of storage systems were not known in the local market at that time and the factory soon had to double its capacity. In the mid 80′s the firm established another plant of polystyrene downstream processing in Qassim area of central province to serve the local agricultural and construction industry. The firm was restructured to a limited liability company in the nineties.

Taking full advantage of the emerging business cycle in Asia and the Middle East., Arcoma established its first branch internationally, in UAE followed by branch in Sanaa and a branch in Aden (Republic of Yemen). Established in the late 80′s branch in Jakarta (Indonesia) was honored with President Suharto’s Award for its contribution in promoting exports to the Middle East and Europe. This success in Indonesia has some routes back from late 18th century where the family had extensive business ventures with Dutch firms. Recently Arcoma has opened another international office in Seoul.

Today Arcoma has grown up into a highly successful venture dealing in diversified portfolio organized under the following Divisions

  • Food & Consumer Products Division
  • Storage Solutions Division
  • Technical Division
  • Packaging Solution Division
  • Equipment Division
  • Lubricants ant Tiers Division
  • Arcoma International


With head offices in Jeddah and branch offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khamis, Madinah & Yanbu, Arcoma provides sales and distribution coverage in entire Saudi Arabia and also have sales presence in UAE & Yemen. Arcoma uses extensive customers’ data base to pursue sales leads and maintain useful communication with clients to provide them with latest product information and regular training and maintenance services.

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