Bolt Free Shelving

Bolt-free shelving is designed for fast, easy and simple solutions that require no special tools. If necessary can be quickly adjusted to keep pace with any change to your storage requirements. It is suitable for virtually every kind of items from small components to heavy cartons. The modular design allows maximum storage volume to be achieved, with units extending to the ceiling if required.

Additional Options:

1. Dividers.
2. Front Rim.
3. Drawers.
4. Hanger File.
5. Side & Back Panels.
6. Glass Rack.
7. Tyre Rack.
8. Mesh Sides.


Multi-Tier Shelving

ARCOMA shelving is ideal for multi-tier applications. We can design and produce your shelving to utilize available cubic space more effectively, practical, economical and space-saving.

Additional Mezzanine level
If additional floors and walkways incorporated into the system, the current storage space can be doubled and pedestrian access allowed for order picking. Adding a second level to existing system can also be a viable option.


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