Festo offers its customers a wide range of products and services in the field of pneumatics, Learning System Technology and Automation Technology.
FESTO product range comprises of more than 20,000 components from air cylinders, pneumatic drives, compressed air preparation, tubing and connectors, valve terminals, control technology, sensors, positioning systems, handling and vacuum technology, and products for the process industry.
ARCOMA Technical Division offers design, supply and implementation of automation projects for manufacturing units to ensure optimum production capacities; as well as solve technical problems relating to control technology.

Technical information and help is provided in the field of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electronic control systems. With the increasing demand from clients, a Project Department was set up to handle specific and unique requirements of the customers which provide services ranging from the preliminary project design up to its installation and implementation, utilizing advanced programmable logic controllers (PLC).
Our project engineers are well trained and experienced in pneumatics and control technology enabling them to design solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

Please visit the manufacturer’s site for more info: http://www.festo.com







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